Jørgen Stigel
Associate Professor in Communiactioan Theory and Mass Communication
Department of Communication
Aalborg University
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Jørgen Stigel

Jørgen Stigel, associate Professor in Communication Theory and Mass Communication at The department of Communication, Aalborg University, DK.

His  current research interests include TV-genres, (TV-)advertising and the aesthetics of audiovisual media. He has been director and designer of research project "Advertising - the Cultural Dimension" 1991-94 sponsored by Government funds for fundamental research and funds from central research committee, Aalborg University and co-designer of research project "The Aesthetics of Television" sponsored by The Danish Research Counsil for the Humanities (1994-98). Member of the national research programme “Staging of virtual inhabited 3D Spaces” (1999-2002). He has been co-editor of major works on Danish Literary History and Danish Media History and Advertising. During the past ten years he has published several articles on TV-genres and quality of TV, TV-commercials, Advertising and Aesthetics and the aesthetics of 3-D interactive media. At the moment (2001 -  ) he is the director of the bachelor- and masters programme in Human Centered Informatics, Media and Communication (Humanistisk Informatik) Department of Commucation, Aalborg University (700 students) and co-designer and member of the research programme MÆRKK , Markedskommunikation og Æstetik (Aesthetics in Marketing Communication) 2003 - .