Anne Jerslev
Associate Professor, Ph.D
Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication,
Section of Film & Media Studies,
University of Copenhagen

Personal website

Anne Jerslev

Anne Jerslev has a Ph.D. degree in film studies and is a senior lecturer at the Section of Film and Media Studies at the Department of Media, Cognition, and Communication, University of Copenhagen.

Anne Jerslev has published a number of books, most recently Det er bare film. Om unges videofællesskaber og vold på film [It's only a movie. Young people's video communities and violence on film] (Gyldendal 2000) and Vi ses på tv. Medier og intimitet [See you on TV. Media and Intimacy] (Gyldendal 2004). She has edited several anthologies in Danish and English, most recently Performative Realism together with Rune Gade (Museum Tusculanum Press 2005), and she has contributed to journals and anthologies with articles on youth and media, film-analytical subjects, film genres such as melodrama and film noir, reality television, and documentary.

Anne Jerslev has participated in a number of Danish and Nordic research projects funded by the national research council for the humanities. Moreover, she has held a number of administrative posts including membership of the Humanistic Educational Council (1997-2001), head of department (2002-2005) and being chair of the Association of Danish Media Researchers (2001-2004).

Currently she is director of the research project High-tension Aesthetics. Ethics and Aesthetics in Contemporary Media (2005-2008).