TV Underholdning

Pia Majbritt Jensen,
Institut for Informations- og Medievidenskab
Aarhus Universitet

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Pia Majbritt Jensen

Pia Majbritt Jensen, MA, PhD, was born in 1974 and is currently employed as assistant professor at Aarhus University. Her research interests evolve around the media’s and especially television’s role in cultural, financial and technological globalisation processes and include international TV program formats and genres, local media systemic conditions, and production analysis.

Besides contributions to media journals in Denmark and Australia, Pia’s main academic contribution is the PhD thesis TV Format Adaptation in a Trans-national Perspective, which is a comparative, trans-national and historical case study of the use and extent of television program formats in Australia and Denmark respectively.
As part of her PhD project, Pia has done research into local TV industries in the UK and Australia and in the process been affiliated Westminster University in London, and University of Technology Sydney and University of New South Wales in Australia. In 2008-2009 she is a visiting scholar at the University of Sydney where she is working on her current project Impacts of Local TV Production Cultures on a Global Production Model, which forms part of the TV Entertainment: Cross-mediality and Knowledge research project and therefore is described in more detail under ‘subprojects’.